Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Pembelajaran Berasaskan Pemikiran

                Mengaplikasikan  Taksonomi Bloom

Step in teaching skillful thinking

  • Step 1:Make explicit what the the thinking
  • Step 2:give student guide practice in doing thinking skillfully as they engage with the content
  • step 3:prompt student to employ one or more relevant habit of mind
  • step 4:prompt the student to think about thinking(metacogntion)
#prompt-bantu ingat

Taksonomi bloom diaplikasikan semasa mengklasifikasikan peringkat pemikiran bermula daripada peringkat pengetahuan sehingga penilaian
  • category knowledge(pengetahuan)
  • category understanding(kefahaman)
  • category application(aplikasi)
use information to solve problem,use knoeledge in a new situation
  • category analysis(analisis)
seperate material into component part(identify,differentiate)
  • category synthesis(sintesis)
engage to creative thinking to make something new(design/create)
  • category evaluation(penilaian)
to judge something,to make decision

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